Weaving Process

1) Warping
Selected yarns are fed from their cones, through a tension box, and onto the warping beam. The yarns are wound onto the warping beam, section by section, until the desired number of sections is filled. The completed beam is then moved and lifted onto the loom.
Threading the Loom
2) Threading the Loom
Each individual yarn is threaded through the loom by hand. The threaded yarns (warp) are connected to a cloth apron and tension is applied to the warp, readying the loom for weaving.
Bobbin Winding
3) Bobbin Winding
Yarn used for the fill (weft) is wound onto bobbins using the bobbin winder. After a wound bobbin is loaded into a shuttle, the weaver is ready to begin weaving.
4) Weaving
We have a 37,000 square foot state of the art facility. Twenty eight looms are available. We use AVL looms manufactured in Chico, California. Outfitted with 4 to 24 harnesses, all our looms are equipped with flyshuttles for smoother and faster weaving. As the cloth is advanced, it is wrapped around the material beam at the back of the loom.
5) Doffing
After about 10 yards are woven, the cloth around the material beam is cut off (doffed). The fringe between each piece is cut separating each throw, pillow or scarf.
6) Sewing
The seamstress adds a Textillery label to all products and completes any finishing required.
Knot Tying
7) Knot Tying
Knots are hand tied to finish the fringe.
  8) Trimming
The fringe is combed and trimmed. The product is inspected for any weaving mistakes or flaws, then folded and shelved. This completes the weaving process.

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