“The throws were picked because they added a warm residential feel to the rooms, which was  priority for us. They matched our Spanish Colonial style and Mediterranean color palette. We knew that their warmth and texture would ensure our guests’ comfort. We’ve had calls from guests inquiring about purchasing the throws too.”  Amy Allen, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, Ojai CA

“Textillery offers an excellent product and responsive design development team. The willingness of Textillery to offer as many options as possible helped us to expand our vision of what was needed for our clients – both from an aesthetic as well as a housekeeping perspective.”  Barbara Treves, Darrell Schmitt Design Associates

“Textillery is great to work with. They offer many color lines, patterns and washable designs, which we need for hospitality. It seems like they can do almost any color and they turnaround samples overnight, which we always need. Because of these products and services, I try to spec Textillery at every opportunity.”  Margaret Anderson, Wilson & Associates

"I just wanted to let you know that the bed throws for Black Rock are fabulous. We went to stay in the hotel a few weeks ago (it is open now www.blackrockresort.com) and the throw is great - heavy and cozy. Thank you for all your help specifying this product." Jennifer Brown, Senior Designer at BBA Design Consultants

"Just wanted to let you know that I bought my ''''''''Porsche''''''''.  Yep, with your professional help, I was able to see and touch different styles.  My final craving was the large Plush Stripe.  I must admit, the throw was not for me :-(  My son and daughter-in-law have the privilege of owning a Textillery Weavers throw. Their second wedding anniversary. (I know....that is cotton). But hey, there is 18% in the PST.  The attachment is of the proud new owners. Please feel free to show the excitement that you (TW) give to people." Steve Legris, satisfied Textillery customer


Scott Morgan in Goa with one of our sunbrella Textillery throws

"Another Happy Customer!"

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