Our Team



We are very lucky to have a talented and loyal team working at Textillery. Many of our employees have been with us over 15 years!  The team starts with Judith and A John Rose – the owners. Judith and A John are hands on – and if you call regularly – you’ll find that in addition to do the strategic planning, trade shows and designing – they also answer the phone!

Our customer service/administrative team is Melinda Sowder and Natalie Welch. Anything having to do with money – talk to Melinda. Anything having to do with orders – talk to Natalie.

In production, Judi Saxe heads up the operation doing all scheduling.  Caregiver to us all, she has endless patience. Kristine Allen works directly with Judi as our technical wizard – she can fix anything.

The warpers, weavers and finishers are pictured below – each one is an important job in getting you your products.


Brad and Valenda Loar - shipping / warehouse Amy, the Rose’s Dog

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